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Our websites packages, audit services, and retainer options

Base Plan

  • Go live in 2 weeks*
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Standard Plan

  • Everything in
  • Go live in 4 weeks*
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Premium Plan

  • Everything in
  • Based on a custom go-live roadmap
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Website Audits

Conducting an audit allows you to gain insights into how effective your website is and prioirtize areas of improvement. Audits are focused on a specific aspect of your site, incuding Search Engine Optimization, improving load times for visitors, and accessbility enhancements and compliance.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We review your site to ensure customers can find your site with guidance on keyword-rich content and metadata for maximized visibility online. Having the right meta tags can also increase engagement and traffic to your site on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Site Speed and Performance: Our team analyzes the core mechanics and network activity of your site to diagnose slow loading webpages and identify performance bottlenecks. We will measure and benchmark your site against Google's Lighthouse tool, which correlates to your site'e search result ranking.
  • Web Accessbility: Let us interact with your site from an accessbility and usability standpoint to ensure your site is functional for all visitors, including those with visual or motor skill disabilites. Ensure your website is compliant with Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) laws.

Our team will review your site and provide a list of actionable ways to improve, tailored to your desired type of audit and focus areas.

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Retainer Options

Retainer options are a great way to ensure your site has the support it needs after it goes live. Whether you need a last minute brand update or after hours support, we are available to assist as your site grows.


  • Base Plan: Not available
  • Standard Plan: $200/quarter
  • Premium Plan: $300/quarter


  • Managed content updates and releases
  • Performance considerations for media
  • Site plugin maintenance and compatibility
  • General technical support
  • Prioritized change requests
  • Flexibile hourly rates
  • 2 hours of work credits included
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*Go live timelines are estimates and subject to change based on client needs and availability.